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Bite Custom Lipstick Review: Sheer Cuvée & Luminous

Bite Beauty Lip Lab

I always like to wear my lipsticks for at least one full day and eat with it on before I feel comfortable enough to review it. A week has passed since I custom made my lippies at the Bite Beauty Lip Lab and I can finally give my verdict after quite a few full-day wears. Since the colors are custom made, I will mainly focus on the finishes, Sheer Cuvée and Luminous. Hopefully it will help you make a choice that’s right for you, if you decide to try the customized lipstick experience for yourself 🙂

Finish: Sheer Cuvée
Color: My-Lips-But-Better (warm rosy pink)
Scent: Mint + Wildberry
Wear time: 5 hours

Sheer Cuvée - Bite Beauty Lip Lab

Sheer Cuvée

I find myself grabbing this shade a lot. The Sheer Cuvée finish is easy to wear, because it looks like the natural texture of my lips. Not matte and not glossy. I would describe it as a matte-finish satin that doesn’t stick to anything (like hair!) or transfer. After eating, the color fades a bit, but quite evenly. I do a quick touch-up after lunch using a light dab-dab-dab motion with the lipstick, and it looks as good as it did in the morning! I would definitely recommend getting at least one lipstick in Sheer Cuvée if you go to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab. It’s extremely comfortable to wear and is long-staying for a non-matte lipstick, without drying out your lips.

Keep in mind that I always prep my lips with Urban Decay Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose Primer Pencil to extend the staying power of my non-gloss lip products. I swipe once over my top and bottom lips, and wait around 15 seconds for it to become slightly tacky, and apply my lipstick over it.

As for the scent, honestly I can only smell the mint. The wildberry is a bit more mellow and I think the mint overpowers it. I still love it though. It’s refreshing to take off the cap and breathe in that sweet, minty smell.


Finish: Luminous
Color: Watermelon Pink
Scent: Mint + Mango
Wear time: 4 hours

Luminous - Bite Beauty Lip Lab


Watermelon Pink with a Luminous finish is slightly more glossy than the Sheer Cuvée. You can see in the picture that the lines on my lips are less defined than when I am wearing the Sheer Cuvée. There isn’t a huge difference, but a noticeable one. The Luminous finish is slightly more moisturizing than Sheer Cuvée and gives a more flirty, playful vibe with the smoother and glowy look. Of course, that could also be due to the color choice as well 🙂

A shinier finish almost always ends up in shorter wear time, which is the case for Luminous as well. After eating, Luminous didn’t hold up as well as Sheer Cuvée. The color sinks into the natural lines on my lips and settles there, while the lipstick around it fades away, so I end up with streaky lips. When retouching, I have to dab away the excess lipstick first. Otherwise, if I reapply without dabbing, the lipstick looks heavy, like one layer is sitting unevenly on top of the other.

For the scent, I picked mint + mango. The mint overpowers the mango for this one, too! The essential oils smelled much stronger in store. I dabbed some on my wrist and forearm to try out the scents, and they were quite potent. Mixing them with mint smelled more fresh and invigorating at the time. However, in the lipstick, the mint notes are much stronger than anything else.


I was impressed with the Sheer Cuvée finish, both in terms of comfort and staying power. I’ve never had a lipstick with a finish quite like this one. It combines the pros of different types of lipstick finishes into one: the comfort of a satin finish, staying power of a matte lipstick (almost), and natural look of a balm.

The Luminous finish has less staying power, and staying power is something that’s very important to me. I hate frequent touch ups and not knowing what my lip color looks like at any given point in the day! But if that isn’t as much of an issue for you, and you want a more glowy, smoothed out finish to your custom lipstick, I would go for the Luminous. It is definitely flattering and gives a youthful appearance.

Questions about any of this? Leave it below! ^_^

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