Growing up, my first skincare lessons came from my mom: use your ring finger to pat in eye cream, use water from the second rinse of raw rice to wash your face (brightening!), and always wear sunscreen. Some of my most vivid memories as a child was being enveloped in the warm smell of Neutrogena moisturizer and being comforted by the sight of my mom’s signature red lip, which was the epitome of femininity for me as a young child, and even now. Through the years, from teenager to young adult, I picked up more information about how to take care of my skin and how to use makeup to express different aesthetics. I’m still learning through trial and error every day, and I’m excited to share the journey with you.

I started The Skinterpreter blog to make a fun, personal, and informative website to share what I know and what I learn with my readers. When I talk to my friends, I discovered many are confused or intimidated by skincare. That’s why I want to use The Skinterpreter to create a space to share information and ideas, and to learn from each other. Most of all, I believe skincare is something that anyone can do and do well. I hope this blog can help you achieve well-moisturized, healthy, and happy skin.


  • I can talk in another language, listen to you, and comprehend what you’re saying at the same time–and I’ve made that my profession, an interpreter.
  • Drawing weird/quirky/creepy little people is something of a passion of mine. You’ll see quite a few of them floating around as the site grows. Just a little something to spice things up!
  • Bachata (a type of social Latin dance) is one of my favorite things to do. When I dance, I sweat. And that’s when I like to test the limits of my makeup. Hint: cushion compacts did not pass the test!
  • Both my parents are artists, so I was drilled in everything skincare (your “canvas”) and makeup (your “embellishments”) since I was a little girl. “Keep your hands off you face,” says Mom. “You need to blend your black eyeliner with brown eyeshadow so the line is less harsh,” says Dad. I’m happy to say that I’ve since achieved facial independence.
  • I have an obsession with red lipstick. Brick red, scarlet, burgundy, bright red, orange-y red…And I have high standards for a lipstick’s staying power.